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Exceptional care. Personally delivered


Exceptional Care. Personally Delivered.

Mr John Henderson is a highly experienced Consultant Urological Surgeon who has undergone extensive training in the prestigious Oxford School of Surgery and various renowned Centres of Excellence worldwide. His expertise lies in minimally invasive treatments for upper and lower urinary tract diseases, where he utilise cutting-edge laser and robotic technologies to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

A consistent theme highlighted in patient feedback is his listening skills and effective communication, especially when addressing the concerns of anxious patients. Mr Henderson takes the time to thoroughly explain the benefits and risks associated with various treatment options, ensuring that patients are well-informed and empowered to make decisions about their own care.

With his wealth of experience, compassionate care, and dedication to patient well-being, he is an excellent choice for individuals seeking expert urological treatment and a doctor who values open communication and shared decision-making.

Conditions Treated

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Raised PSA/
Prostate Cancer

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Blood in Urine
or Ejaculate

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Scrotal & Testicular Conditions


''My case is very complicated with different chronic conditions interacting over a long period of time.


I was given time to describe my symptoms and explain my experiences and listened to with respect.


Different options were offered and explained in detail by someone with excellent communication skills.''

Anonymous feedback. Urethral Syndrome

Fees and Insurance

Treatment is frequently covered by private health providers. Mr Henderson works with these listed below. 

For self funding fee information please Get In Touch >>

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