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Bladder Symptoms

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The bladder can be troublesome, causing discomfort or pain and making life miserable. Some patients need to know where every toilet is when they leave the house (toilet mapping). Other symptoms of bladder problems are going more often than usual (frequency), getting up at night to go (nocturia), a compelling need to void which is difficult to defer (urgency), leakage of urine (incontinence) or recurrent infections (UTI).

Mr Henderson will thoroughly assess your symptoms. He may request further investigations like a urine dip and culture, ultrasound or bladder camera test.

Treatment options include;

  • Lifestyle measures to retrain the bladder and settle the symptoms

  • Medication to help with frequency and urgency, or to treat infection

  • Surgical procedures to help with bladder emptying or to help with urgency (Botox)

Following successful treatment, Mr Henderson will arrange appropriate monitoring and follow up.

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