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May 2014        American Urological Association Meeting                  Podium presentation


Henderson J, Fowler S, Joyce A, Dickinson A, Keeley F. Perioperative outcomes for 6042 nephrectomies: Surgeon-reported outcomes recorded on the BAUS nephrectomy database.


Jan 2014          Royal Society of Medicine Winter Meeting                 Podium presentation 


Henderson J, Patel N, Cranston D, Sullivan M. Changes in the Management of T1 Kidney Tumours: Oxford's experience over the last 5 years.


Jun 2013          BAUS Annual Meeting                                                    Poster presentation           


Hobbs C, Henderson J, Malone P. Natural History of the large (>100g) prostate.


Oct 2012         International Continence Society Meeting                  Poster presentation


Henderson J, Charlesworth P, Kaba R, Foley S. The Male Transobturator Sling for Stress Incontinence: Five Year Results in a UK Centre

Jun 2012          BAUS Annual Meeting                                                    Podium presentations 


Henderson J, Muneer A, Malone P. Results of the PATIO Technique for Urethrocutaneous Fistula Repair


Birnie A, Henderson J, Malone P. Malone Meatoplasty


Jun 2011          BAUS Annual Meeting                                                    Poster presentation                       


Fung T, Bhatt J, Henderson J, Haldar N.       The Evolution of Adrenal Surgery


May 2011        American Urological Association Meeting                  Podium presentations


Henderson J, Moslim M, Knox M, Cowan N. An Ellipsoid Model of the Kidney Calculated from Multidetector CT Predicts Differential Function in Living Related Donors.


Henderson J, Bhatt J,Fung T, Reynard J. Professor Ludwig Guttmann – Transforming the Urological Care of Spinal Injured Patients


Jan 2011         Royal Society of Medicine Winter Meeting                   Podium presentation


Henderson J, Fung T, Bhatt J, Bdesha A. A Simplified WHO Checklist Improves Compliance and Time Efficiency for Urological Surgery


Apr 2011         European Association of Urology Meeting                  Poster presentation                       

Bhatt J, Ali I, Henderson J, Kelleher J, Misra K, Haldar N. CT Urogram for Haematuria- Unearthing other diagnoses: A study of 801 patients


Apr 2009           BAUS Section of Endourology Meeting                         Poster presentation


Henderson J, O’Neill C, Jones R, Kumar PVS. Remifentanil Patient-Controlled Analgesia for Patients Unable to Tolerate ESWL with Enteral Analgesia.


May 2010        Royal Society of Medicine President's Day                    Podium presentation   


Henderson J, Meyer JP, Jones A, Fawcett D. eGFR Following Orthotopic Neobladder Replacement


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